[Note: Adobe ended its free "loan" of Creative Cloud to students on July 6, 2020]

At this time, students can subscribe at the student rate (originally $20/month but through http://store.collegebuys.org/student/ it's offered at $40 for 6 months.)

We also offer some of the CC applications through Amazon Appstream: https://pasadena.edu/business-administrative-services/its/appstream.php

They include Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat, listed under "General Use" for now, but we may add more video-oriented software later. These licenses will not expire, we just have to update the versions periodically, which takes some time. But students should not expect that every application which they might need for any course will be available through Appstream.

For installing CC on your own computer, you will need (as of 2020) a machine with at least a 2018 version of Windows 10 (some programs need 1803, the March release, and some 1809, the September one), or MacOS 10.13, or later. Adobe says you can run some programs with only 4gb of memory, but in our experience 8gb is the practical minimum and 16gb is much better. Photoshop and AfterEffects can benefit from 32gb or more.